Bjørn Erik Moe's SalesPitch for Microsoft Dynamics 365


CIO in Norconsult talks about their relation to Bjørn Erik Moe and Skill

Norconsult is Norway's largest and one of the leading multidisciplinary consultancy firms in the Nordic region. Norconsult are geared towards community planning and design, and they have become a leading player both nationally and internationally.


Statement from Kjetil Kaldestad, CFO Micro Matic.

Micro Matic Norway AS imports and markets electrical materials, control systems and smart solutions for electrical and HVAC.

Bjørn Erik Moe became our contact-person in Skill when we started working together three years ago. He contributes to the long-term development of our IT-solution, which optimizes and simplifies our work. In addition to helping us establish and follow an IT-strategy, Bjørn Erik helped us implement Office 365 and utilize Power BI and Dynamics CRM. Because of this, our company uses a simple cloud-based software, which allows our employees to focus on customer-satisfaction, rather than IT-management.

Besides from understanding our needs, Bjørn Erik’s biggest strength is his ability to create a functioning work-environment built on trust, competence and engagement. Furthermore, most account managers oversell solutions and creates unnecessary needs, which requires additional resources from the customer. However, our experience is that Bjørn Erik actually cares about his customers.